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Sometimes you're really not the same person in the morning...

What happened in the desert? The voice of her psychiatrist keeps repeating in her head. Carol, just released from the hospital, wakes up one more time totally confused. Why does she feel strangely out of place in her life now? Why is she haunted by a little girl who keeps talking about a big black bubble? A supernatural thriller where physics and a little girl's uncanny intuitions mix with a haunting Joshua tree in the desert...

"Conflation" - trailer
trailer of  "Conflation" -  short - HD  - 
USA/France - Starring Kate  Groombridge

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Conflation will be shown in New York City on Oct. 19, 2008 at the Imagine Science Film Festival

Conflation Screened at The Byron Bay Film Festival in Australia and at The Rochester High Falls International Film Festival

Kendra and Kendall McCulty nominated for Young Artist Awards for Best Performance in a Short Film: Young Actress and Young Actor

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